IFC Executive Council

President: Noah Lewis
    Phone: (270) 304-6288
    Email: noahjlewis2@gmail.com
    Chapter: Alpha Tau Omega

Executive Vice President: Lucas Johnson
    Phone: (502) 797-6308
    Email: James.johnson@uky.edu
    Chapter: Delta Sigma Phi

Chief of Staff: Curtis Bethel
    Phone: (859) 533-5482
    Email: curtis.bethel95@gmail.com
    Chapter: Beta Theta Pi

VP of Recruitment: Logan Geiger
    Phone:  (618) 975 -7658
    Email: lgeiger23@gmail.com
    Chapter: Beta Theta Pi

VP of Finance: Jack Kelly
    Phone:  (859) 200-7774
    Email: jack.kelly@uky.edu 
    Chapter: Delta Sigma Phi

VP of Public Relations: Will Carrico
    Phone:  (859) 559-9863
    Email: carrico999@gmail.com
    Chapter: Theta Chi

VP of Interfraternal Relations: Chad Greber
    Phone:  (443) 534-7466
    Email: Chad.greber@gmail.com
    Chapter: Triangle

VP of Scholarship: Eric Martin
    Phone:  (859) 948-5313
    Email: eric.martin@uky.edu
    Chapter: Theta Chi

VP of Community Outreach: Nima Mahmoodi
    Phone: (859)229-1301
    Email: nnma225@uky.edu
    Chapter: Chi Psi

Judicial Board Chairman: Jacob Heath
    Phone: (859) 803-1408
    Email: jacob.heath@uky.edu 
    Chapter: Theta Chi

Deputy Chief of Staff: 



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